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One really does have to keep ones staff in order…

June 19th 2012


From The Head of Training
To The Head of HR
Re Peter Marsh
Date 31 May 2012

Marsh was caught today spanking one of the 18 year old female trainees over his desk while masturbating.  He is a valued senior associate in the firm and so was given the option of being fired or sent to you for a caning.  He chose the latter and has been told to report to you at 2pm tomorrow.
If you have a tight tailored black trouser suit, please could you wear that as this is what the girl he was caught spanking was wearing and so it will emphasise that the caning is on her behalf.  Please then tell him how many strokes he is to receive.  He has been warned that the minimum he can expect is 36 strokes and that you may well have decided that his sentence should be many more than that.
I understand that you have acquired a number of new canes since Marsh last reported to you.  Before he arrives please can you have put out all your canes on your desk so that you can tell him to choose the one he thinks will be most painful.  If you are not satisfied with his choice, please change it and add extra strokes to his sentence.
He is to bend over a chair drop his trousers and lift up his shirt tail.  Please pull down his underpants yourself to add to his humiliation.  Please beat him as hard as you can from the outset, aiming for his sensitive lower curves, giving the strokes at 10 second intervals to enable him to absorb the pain.
Marsh must count each stroke and thank you for it.  You will no doubt repeat any if you are not satisfied he has adequately acknowledged the stroke or if he has moved out of position.  If at any stage he says that he would rather be fired, please stop the caning and tell him to leave.
If he takes his punishment in full please inspect his buttocks and decide whether his buttocks have taken enough.  He must stay in position until you tell him to stand in case you decide to continue his caning (without of course telling him how many more he is to get).