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Best Session of the week

July 17th 2012

Naughty slut Sarah is summonds for a second CP detention, sent to the strict but sexy Headmistress Miss Davenshaw who has a penchant for physically and sexually punishing young ladies. Sarah wears a very short skirt, tight blouse, thong, stockings and suspenders and heels.Miss Davenshaw is suprised and disgusted that she is coming to school in this type of attire- she is a complete distraction to the boys and has also been reported to be bringing adult toys into school.

This is to be a punishment detention with hard CP: there is no hand spanking warm up- punishment immediately starts with implements before progressing to the cane. Sarah has been a very naughty girl and is to receive a severe caning of 100 strokes with a variety of canes and in different positions. She must count strokes and failure to do so leads to extra punishment. For the final very severe caning she is tied down to the punishment bed.  After she has been properly punished and Miss Davenshaw is happy that she is remorseful she must stand in her lingerie with her head bowed in shame, whilst Miss Davenshaw inspects her red stripey buttocks.