Just perfect…

June 3rd 2012


A day at the races..

June 1st 2012

One of my favourite months of the year is June largely because of Ladies day at Royal Ascot.

This year I had given the honor of escorting me to one of my more well off slaves, Ian. 

Ian is a broker in the city and loves to show off in his Bentley. Ian is also something of an amateur jockey which was another reason I chose him.  I had commanded Ian to pick me up at 10.00 am so that I could enjoy a leisurely drive to Ascot in plenty of time for a day of racing.  Ian made the mistake of showing up 15 minutes late with some useless excuse about traffic. Grabbing Ian by his tie I pulled him inside my flat and slapped him across the face as hard as I could.  Having little time to spare I reached for one of my canes, which I keep in a tall vases by the fireplace and bending him over an armchair proceeded cane him. Don’t swish, ever swish, be swish, late swish, again swish.

Minutes later I felt much better sitting in the back seat of the Bentley sipping a glass of champagne.  Ian, fidgeting slightly as his bottom throbbed, managed to make up for lost time and we arrived in time for lunch.  At this point Ian started to redeem himself and laid out a delightful hamper from Harrods. Dresses in his drivers uniform Ian served lunch with the appropriate deference an employee should show to his mistress.  An elderly lady parked next to me in her Rolls nodded approvingly.  The racing started and Ian ran back and forth placing my bets and topping up my champagne flute as needed. The sun was glorious and my luck was holding strong. My elderly, by now friend, was also enjoying herself and had in fact shared a number of good tips, which lead to my afternoon’s success.  Sadly the last race of the day came up on the card and given my dominant disposition the obvious choice was a horse called Ladies Rule.
Although a 25-1 outside I sent Ian off to place my bet. The race was brilliant with Ladies Rule close to the front but never making any real progress until the final furlong in which she found an extra burst of speed and won by 3 lengths.  Minutes later a subdued Ian was back admitting that he had been late getting to the betting window and had not placed the bet. Needless to say I was outraged and even my old friend commented that in her younger days such poor service would have been grounds for a horse whipping. I agreed and taking Ian by the ear walked him to the Bentley’s open boot and, as expected, found a riding crop.  I instructed Ian to lean into the boot and with his bottom nicely presented proceeded to thrash him with the crop.     

Best session this week…

May 18th 2012

Peter answers Miss Davenshaws advert for ‘Governess Services’ for men who need more discipline and structure in their lives. he must attend an interview and introductory session.Miss Davenshaw explains that her services are not suitable for everyone. He will be required to accept her rules, and her discipline if he disobeys or falls short of her standards. Most adults men would not stand for this type of treatment, but there are some who would greatly benefit from being taken in hand in this way. He says he would like to try. She says she will see.

She informs him that from now on she will control his finances. she asks him how much pocket money he estimates he will need. He must provide a verbal breakdown of what he spends money on and Miss Davenshaw edits and trims where she sees fit. A frugal lifestyle only be permitted for the duration of his ’ Course of Correction’. She asks about smoking and drinking, flexing her cane as she explains that sae normally has to work hard to reduce her clients consumption of both. Peter proudly explains he does neither. She asks if there are any other nasty habits that they could work together to stop.. she is contemptuous when she hears he masturbates like a boy. Of course his sexuality is under her control from now on. She makes it clear that while she is an adult and a sexually active woman, their own relationship is that of Governess and child. She tests his reactions to ensure he does not see her as a sexual being.. exposing her stocking tops while he is tied in front of her. He fails the test..

Miss Davenshaw inspects him critically for cleanliness. She suspects him to be lazy and by his own admission he is..His ears have not been cleaned properly and humiliatingly he is bent over to inspect whether he has wiped his bottom properly. He is promptly put into the bath and scrubbed head to toe. He must now learn some rules. How to stand, when to speak. How to greet Miss Davenshaw correctly ie kissing her feet on entering the room. Whilst being punished he must count each stoke and thank Miss Davenshaw for the privilege of being punished by her. Punishments include strap, paddle and cane.


The logic of cuckolding

April 30th 2012

It’s hard to tell whether ‘cuckolding’ relationships have grown more popular in recent years, or whether the internet has just shone a light on a lifestyle that has always been far more common than anyone realised. But we now know it’s far from being an unusual preoccupation among men. One survey recently showed that web browsing devoted to unfaithful wives is now one of the most common categories of sex-related internet searches. Rather than seeing this as just another unusual taboo, it’s possible to see this fantasy as a logical solution to a common problem.

Human monogamy is mainly culturally imposed. Many of us, men and women, are tempted to be more promiscuous than society expects. This probably arises from the instinctive pressure on men to spread their genes as widely as possible, and on women to seek out the strongest genes for their offspring, meaning they will always be instinctively tempted to ‘improve on’ their long-term partner. But for women there is an additional logic behind the need for sexual variety: namely, the very differing levels of sexual prowess among men. This does not apply in quite the same way to women. Of course women’s enthusiasm for sex and their willingness to be adventurous varies a great deal (though to some extent this can also be down to the prowess of their partner). But women’s ability to provide sexual satisfaction is not nearly as widely divergent as men’s. Put bluntly, more or less all women are capable of providing their partner with an orgasm, or as many orgasms as he wants, assuming they are willing to do so.

This is not the case with men. Some men can reliably provide as many orgasms as their female partner desires but by no means all. For men, sexual adequacy relies on many things. Stamina is crucial, both in terms of staying power and recovery time. A man who can perform five times a night and last half an hour each time is obviously a far better lover than a once-a-night premature ejaculator. And despite men’s insistence that size is unimportant, many women disagree, and find a very large penis physically more satisfying as well as visually much more appealing. And then of course there is technique, which some men simply have and others simply don’t. Men who lack one or more of these sexual characteristics will be significantly inferior lovers to those who possess them all. And the female partners of these men will have to contend with a level of sexual frustration that the men responsible are unlikely to face themselves.

Cuckolding relationships resolve this obvious unfairness. And it is probably no coincidence that it is often sexually inadequate men who are most drawn to cuckolding fantasies. This suggests that ‘cuckolding’ is an instinctive solution to the problem of sexually inadequate men with sexually frustrated partners. And yet these men, excited though they are at the idea of their wives having other lovers, often lack the courage to seriously propose a cuckolding relationship.

Rather than ignore the message of their subconscious and leave these ideas in the realms of fantasy, men with cuckolding fantasies should listen to what their instincts are telling them and act on them. Indeed, for men who know they do not measure up sexually, cuckolding should be viewed as a responsibility rather than simply a taboo fantasy.

Men I have spoken to often seem to think their wives would be horrified if they suggested such a lifestyle. That to me suggests these men don’t know their wives as well as they think! She may act as if she finds the idea off-putting at first but in all likelihood she will quickly be intrigued at the thought of sexual freedom. Once her thought processes move past social convention and she begins to think about what such a lifestyle would really mean for her, she is more than likely to be delighted at the idea. Open communication is vital in any relationship. Men drawn to cuckolding relationships really do have a responsibility to honestly and openly admit their desire for her sexual satisfaction. I am always happy to talk to men curious about cuckolding. But my instructions in the end are always the same: talk to your wife! And men who visit me to discuss this topic should be aware that I expect that instruction to be obeyed.


A poem…

April 2nd 2012

There was a man who did so misbehave,
That Miss Davenshaw decided to make him her slave.
He did cry and scream in pointless protest,
But Miss Davenshaw ignored him and put her heel on his chest.
Poor slave! oh how he struggled to escape to his hovel,
But his new mistress just smiled and made him grovel.
Miss Davenshaw said “There are many tasks for me to pick.
“But let’s start with my shoes, it’s time for you to lick.”
Recognising she had him beat, the slave unsuccessfully tried to make a retreat.
“Pathetic man, you’re in a hole, you better get used to the taste of my sole!”
Till this day he remains her dutiful slave and
Kissing her feet he now really craves.
The final word of this cautionay tale
Should go to the lady who did prevail:
“The moral here is simple and sweet -
If you’re a man, you belong at my feet.”

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